Why You Should Hire A Wedding Invitation Designer


Precious brides-to-be! I have been in your shoes when it comes to budgets for your big day. Weddings are becoming more and more expensive (which feels like by the day), but have you thought of budgeting out for your wedding invitations? 

Yes, you may find that beautiful inexpensive invitation on Etsy, Minted, Zazzle, etc., but have you taken the time to think about how a custom designed invitation could help you actually enjoy the wedding invitation experience?

Wedding invitations are just as important and deserve just as much attention as the other small details of your big day. Your invites are the very first thing your wedding guests see that will set the tone for your wedding! If you are having a destination wedding in Jamaica, do you really want to use a design you found online that practically everyone has access to? I for one wouldn't want that and I don't want you to either!

Below are a few reasons why I believe hiring a custom wedding stationery designer will be worth your time and money!


1. A designer will help you keep track of all the details

Many brides don't know how much work really goes into building a custom wedding suite. First off, you need to gather inspiration of designs that you like and bringing together those details to your final design that I will make for you! From building your guest list, getting the envelopes addressed, assembling your suite, getting postage for your invitation and rsvp envelopes, and finally keeping track of your guests who are responding and those who aren't. The one thing that I hate for my brides to have to worry about is after you find that (generic) design online, you then have to print them yourself? This is a special time you need to enjoy and this is why hiring a designer will help take the stress off during the invitation process.


2. A designer will be in charge of you wedding timeline

There is so many things to think about when keeping track of your invitation timeline. Brides get so overwhelmed when they need to get your invitations printed, when they need to be assembled, when they need to be mailed by, when the RSVP's need to be sent in by... the list goes on and on! If you hire me, I will take care of your wedding timeline for you so you don't have to worry at any point because I will be there reminding you when and what the next step is coming up!


3. A designer can help you with the right etiquette 

There are so many ways of correct wording and rules when it comes to your wedding invites that you probably have no idea about! When working with me, you will be able to fully customize your wording! It's part of my job to give you the right options for the correct "rules" for your suite such as wording for family details, where your ceremony is located, etc. Did you know that there is also a rule that if a guest is over a certain age in a household, they receive their own wedding invitation? For example, if a family has two grown children over the age of 18 in a house, you have to send THREE wedding invitations to that household? Modern day brides have opted out for this rule, but if you are sending a traditional wedding invitation, you must know these rules! I am here with the right etiquette, so you don't have to worry about it!


4. A designer can make a one-of-a-kind invitation suite your guests have never seen before

If you care about your wedding invitation design, why not hire a designer to create artwork to take our invitation to the next level with a beautiful custom illustration of your wedding venue, your pets, floral designs, monograms, and so much more! Guests will be wowed by your invitation suite, when you use a designer like me to bring your vision to life. 


5. A designer will let you enjoy this experience!

If you go through a site such as Etsy, Minted or Zazzle, you have to worry about so much on your own. When you hire me, I will truly take the worry off your hand so you can enjoy the amazing experience of being engaged! You wouldn't hire wedding planner to take care of a few items would you? Then why would you want to want to go through a site that only offers a couple items in a suite to only have to use their wording and if you want to change it they add a charge for it? That is just stress you don't need! I am here to offer my service to bring you the most enjoyable time of design your custom suite!


Are you intrigued by the possibility of hiring a custom wedding stationery designer? I surely hope so! I offer three different wedding invitation packages. The lowest package includes just the design experience, printed pieces, and envelopes, which leaves you responsible for addressing, stuffing, stamping, mailing, etc. The higher packages is something that my brides have enjoyed because I take care of all of that with my assistance. Whether you purchase the low or high package, my brides have the option to add these elements to their design including: liners, wax seals, ribbon, programs, menus and more!

Thinking about hiring me as your custom wedding invitation designer? Are you 6-12 months out from your wedding day?

NOW is the time to inquire!

Katie Blackwell